Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sophomore Year Post-Mortem

Just wanted to compile some of the stuff I'm most proud of from this year.
Remember that you can click on the images to enlarge them!

High res character sculpt, made in ZBrush with a little help from Maya.

And the same character, low res. 11,934 triangles (our limit was 12,000), and three 2048 texture maps (also the limit). Modeled in Maya, then put together and rendered in Unreal Development Kit.

Scroll down to the older stuff or check out these links for more in-progress and detail on the character model: Face detailprogess shots, and the original concept.


Game environment, based off of a classmate's concept and using assets shared by the entire class.  The assets made by me were several of the signs, the railings/fence, the garbage, and a set of building pieces, as well as any extra things that needed to be thrown in.

It's so tough to show off an environment without the ability to actually walk through it yourself, but these are some screenshots showing off my assets, which are:

This project is definitely the one I am the most proud of this year. There's just something so completely exciting to me about creating an actual space that someone can explore!
Scroll down or check out these links for more environments: more screenshots, and another camera move, as well as some concepts.


And finally, well, I didn't get a lot of drawing done this year, particularly this semester (don't even get me started on how excited for the Drawing for Game Art class next semester I am), but I'm still very proud of this painting. 
This was an illustration of a mechanic from Chess: the movement of the knight piece, which can jump over other pieces. I sure spent a lot of time with that game last semester.


Well, it's been a crazy, knowledge-packed, insane mess of a year. Bring on Junior year!

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