Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fantastic Environment

Last 3D project of the semester done! Winter break almost here! Almoooost theeeeere....

You may remember some nice concept art that I did for this project. Well that idea got mostly scrapped and I went with a new one! The assignment is still the same though: create an environment in the style of an existing game (still Uncharted 2). We wanted to take our environment somewhere that Uncharted had never been before (unlike my concept art), and ended up with some Chinese myths about the Tree of Life and islands were gods live and the like.

Blah blah blah. Have some pictures!

I worked with Max Golosiy on this project, again. The temple area that you see in the last screenshot is his area, although we shared a LOT of small assets this time around. I think that helped to make the setdressing much better and more realistically populated... easier to keep everything cohesive as well.

But here's some of the big important props I made for my area:

Onto second semester! Characters awwwww yessssss!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Other Drawing Things

So after that last boss assignment, my drawing class has been pretty chill with these nice, one-day assignments, and it is LOVELY. Anyway, here's some of the stuff it's churned out:

Caricatures of my classmates...

And some "turret" designs... although I took them in a kind of silly direction.

Yeti Monster Design

Another drawing class assignment! This time I was creating a design for a "boss" character, who'll I'll model next semester. Honestly, I really love how much of this class is devoted to preparing for OTHER classes. I guess it's just so much easier to work on a project when I know that it's going to benefit other projects... although, maybe I just feel that way because drawing all the time makes me happy. O:

Started off with some thumbs

And refined a few designs. Still pretty fond of some of these designs, might have to come back to them. Especially that alien lady, I can already imagine the slick gooey subsurface scattered material all that flesh would be. Eeee.

But anyway, ended up going with that fuzzy guy in the top right. Looking back, I can't believe how much he changed over a month:

Anway, here's the final designs I ended up with. In my efforts to make sure he would be interesting to model, I think I may have set my scope pretty high... good thing I'm so excited about making this guy that things like scope don't really matter. C: