Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hi all!
I like to think that I'm pretty good about this blog, but it's been a whiiiiile since I updated it. I have a good excuse though; all this year has been devoted to my senior thesis, and since I don't want to show that off until it is finished and I haven't had the time/classes for much else, I don't have anything to update with!

But I hate to abandon this place for the whole year, so here's a bit of art from over winter break and a bit of the last semester. C:

First, I had a Children's Book Illustration class last semester and made a 30 page children's book... here are a few pages that got finished up all the way (the rest mostly got just inked or sketched). It's a story about a little girl who makes pet rocks that come to life and follow her around.

Aaand here's a bit of silly fan art I did over winter break.  First, I got super-hyped over the game Bastion, and spent a couple days pumping out fan art like this:

And then as a Christmas present I drew my bf and my Skyrim characters kicking ass.

Hm... I've also been knitting a lot and trying to make perfect pork buns (it will never happen), but that's not so exciting to blog about.

Alright! Now that I'm back at school this is probably it from me until April.
See ya 'round!