Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fantasy Environment Concepts

A bit of prepro for a 3D project coming up, done in my Drawing for Games class. I've never had so much time to work on the prepro for a project before, this is gonna be soooooo helpful.

Starting off with some thumbnails. The assignment is to create a fantasy-style environment based on an existing game, and the game I'm trying to mimic is Uncharted 2. So I tried to doodle lots of ruins, forgotten places, real-but-slightly-magical places... also a Kathmandu-ish environment or two.

Then picked a few and pushed them a bit further...

Started roughing out some ideas for color...

And finally ended up with this final concept. Looking back, I'm pretty fond of a lot of the designs I was playing with... but this one seems the most feasible to model, and probably the most dramatic and exciting.

Look out for the 3D version in December! c: