Monday, December 5, 2011

Yeti Monster Design

Another drawing class assignment! This time I was creating a design for a "boss" character, who'll I'll model next semester. Honestly, I really love how much of this class is devoted to preparing for OTHER classes. I guess it's just so much easier to work on a project when I know that it's going to benefit other projects... although, maybe I just feel that way because drawing all the time makes me happy. O:

Started off with some thumbs

And refined a few designs. Still pretty fond of some of these designs, might have to come back to them. Especially that alien lady, I can already imagine the slick gooey subsurface scattered material all that flesh would be. Eeee.

But anyway, ended up going with that fuzzy guy in the top right. Looking back, I can't believe how much he changed over a month:

Anway, here's the final designs I ended up with. In my efforts to make sure he would be interesting to model, I think I may have set my scope pretty high... good thing I'm so excited about making this guy that things like scope don't really matter. C:

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